Are you looking for an impressive venue  to organize your next corporate event?

Do you give importance to the contest and the beauty of the landscape to amaze the guests of your convention?

Would you like  an exclusive setting for your gala dinner?

Are you looking for a charming ancient villa overlooking the sea  for your  photo shoot  or movie set?

Villa Durazzo is a versatile venue that can host every kind of corporate event, from the simplest and smallest one to the most complex and elaborate one. Thanks to its location, in the middle of the town of Santa Margherita Ligure, Villa Durazzo is easy to reach, while the big park that surrounds it ensures peace and privacy.

Villa Durazzo and the smaller  Villa San Giacomo and Villa Nido can host meetings and conventions from 20 up  to 120 people.  They have also rooms for coffee break and lunch.  The big Stucco Hall at the main floor of Villa Durazzo is the ideal place for the gala dinner.

The rooms of “The Apartments of the main floor” and the garden are the perfect backdrop for photo shoots and movie sets.

The secretarial office is at your disposal for site inspections and reservations.

Villa Durazzo
Salone degli Stucchi

First floor

94 sq m

A big hall paved with marble grit floor and decorated by big stucco works at the walls that can host meetings for 120 people.  The large windows look onto the wonderful landscape of  the Tigullio Gulf. The hall is also an exclusive setting for the gala dinner

Vaymer Hall

Ground floor

60 sq m

A big and precious dining room of the Prince Centurione family that can host cocktail parties and corporate dinners up to 50 people.

Genoese Terrace

Ground floor

180 sq m

The Vaymer Hall looks out onto a large external terrace that is a wonderful setting for cocktail parties and for the gala dinner in summer.

Villa San Giacomo

Camelia Hall

Ground floor

60 sq m

Camelia hall  is a bright room which has been completely renovated and delicately decorated with frescoes. It’ s particularly suitable for conventions, seminars and parties.

Sala Gardenia

Ground floor

35 sq m

It’s a small, bright and fascinating room which connects to the “Salone Camelia” and is suitable for small seminars and cocktail parties.

Sala Camelia together with Sala Gardenia can host a corporate dinner up to 90 people.

Salone Ortensia

First floor

81 sq m

It’s a large living room which has been completely renovated, suitable for meetings, conventions and  seminars.

Villa Nido
Margherita Room

First floor

(4,65 x 7,13 mt)

Margherita Room is characterized by a parquet floor, pastel walls, and high brightness, due to three frenchdoors that overlook the great Romantic Gardens. It hosts approx. 30 people by “theatre sitting”.

Geranio Room

First floor.

(3,10 x 7,50 mt)

It hosts approx. 20 people by “theatre sitting”. Its three windows overlook a panoramic terrace.

The sixteenth century Castle
The sixteenth century Castle, directly overlooking the sea, which reminds its original function, is situated not far from  Villa Durazzo, to which it is linked. It dates back to 1550, when it was built with the functions of look-out and defence against pirate raids. Its unique position, between the two small gulfs of Santa Margherita, offers a beautiful view of the coast.

It was restored in 2000, and today houses an area for art exhibitions, cocktail parties, small receptions and civil weddings.

There are two rooms inside:

  • the largest (65 sq m, upper floor) particularly suitable for displays and exhibitions, can also host small receptions and meetings.
  • On the floor below ground level, the second room, smaller in size (40 sq m) but fascinating because it has been brought back to its original rock structure, is suitable for tasting events, cocktail parties and displays.

The spectacular panoramic terrace (80 sq m) instead proposed as an extremely impressive area for parties and photo reportages.